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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. so many delicious flavors that taste outta sight. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, 5:00 on this wednesday, a long awaited bay area rain is here. s that for joining us. >> no more waiting on the bay area rain, it is here. >> we have wet weather, light-to-moderate rain around cloverdale and along 101.
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that is where you will find the light-to-moderate rain. radar returns are not quite making the ground but mainly sprinkles to very, very light rain to almost nothing as you head into the south bay. let he get out of the way on the left side of the screen, more thunderstorms are developing upstream to the southwest but look at lightening, the thunderstorms we talked about are out there at 200 miles away from making it here. it will be several more hours. expect scattered light rain this morning and this afternoon and evening, the heavier storms and freezey conditions come in and temperatures are mainly in the mid-60's maybe only the mid-50's. >> if you are braving the elements, 37 bart trains are on time. ace train one and three rolling. a.c. transit has no delays. a wide picture of the bay area shows the areas shaded in green across the bay area mostly to the north of us is where we seeing light sprinkles falling
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and where we will see spinouts and other incidents involving vehicles that are driving too fast on slippery roads. we have one sig-alert, a big rig overturned. it was loaded with you have barrys and blocking the ramp to eastbound 132. uses i 5. a tree that came item being down on a fence and parked cars this morning could be a sign of what's ahead when the storm hits. the tree fell before 3:00 this morning at san bruno and 7th avenue, so it missed the husband on the corner lot near the freeway entrance. >> on the peninsula residents are ready for a pair of storms. sand bags are available including this station in east palo alto. there is concern of flooding with 50 percent of all homes in a flood zone.
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the creek last overflowed christmas of 2012. >> the challenge is the water is coming down to the creek into the city is coming from the santa cruz mountains and it is hard to monitor everything that is occurs in the mountains. >> improvements have been made on the levees but they are only a temporary politic. in marin, the sandbags are up in mill valley in front the 2:00 a.m. club on miller avenue. a stretch of businesses were flooded in the big storm that hit two weeks ago. when there is high tide or heavy rain a number by creek rises and floods. business owners blame a faulty storm blame thatted city refuses to fix. we have another way to keep an eye on the rain following live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest. in santa cruz, police will unveil a memorial honoring two veteran officers murdered a year
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ago today. we have a review. matt? >> the santa cruz police department says it has been a long road over the past year. today the memorial is ready for the dedication ceremony. community remembrance was held at the santa cruz city hall last night for sergeant baker and detective butler shot and killed by a suspect during a sexual assault investigation february 26 last year. the suspect was shot and killed by police later that day. two of baker's children attended the event. >> we are still obviously going through the phrases of grief. it feels like it was yesterday. >> he is my hero and best friend, coming home and talking about work. >> butch baker's daughter did not attend the community event and is threatening to sue over
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how the fund is divided the community dough natured 500,000 to the families but until the matter is resolved the money cannot be distributed even to the two small children of butler. this is a dedication ceremony starting at 10:30 when the plaques are unveiled. the nation's eyes are on arizona's governor controversial for illegal immigration crackdown and now the clock is ticking to decide on a bill that pits gay rights against religious freedom. katie marzullo is in the newsroom. technical companies among those against the bill, two big named republicans have come out against it, governor romney tweeted a veto is right and arizona senator john mccain said publicly it hurts the image of the state. the arizona legislature passed the bill that allows business owners who can refuse service to
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gays. apple has opposed and they will open a high-tech plant in arizona and the c.e.o. of san francisco's yelp wrote a letter to the governor saying every consumer has a right to be served by a business without fear of discrimination of the the c.e.o. of american airlines also wrote a letter. the governor has not said if she will sign or veto the bill but tweeted last night coming back from washington, dc, i assure you as always i will do the right thing for the state of arizona. the constituents are split. here is a supporter followed by the president of arizona equality. >> homosexual community said we need to be tolerance but the tolerance is not reciprocated toward the religious community. >> it is discrimination couched behind the belief of hiding behind religion. >> the super bowl is on the line, the big game will be layed in see fix and the nfl says the policy emphasize tolerance and
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inclusiveness. the governor needs to make the decision by saturday night. there is widespread speculation she will veto the bill. new details involving the petaluma slaughterhouse accused of processing diseased animals. the details could be disturbing. the company recalled eight million pounds of beef and is under federal investigation. the company is accused of killing and selling meat from dairy could yous with eye cancer. they were allegedly piling sick cows, chopping off the heads to avoid detection and illegally selling the meat. it is fought likely to make you sick with no illnesses reported. >> another dog is okay after a chose call with a poisoned meatball planted in san francisco. the owner forced the pet to spit
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out the meatball and went to the vet. 41 suspicious meatballs have been found in twin peaks and richmond. a dog died in july after eating a tainted meatball. the batch discovered now is being tested. a third of the king city police force is under arrest accused in corruption. the city is located in monterey county and six officers are under investigation including the former and acting chiefs of police. the d.a. says the officers targeted spanish speakers by stealing their cars. the owner of a tow company was involved in the scheme. he would receive a free car for every 10 or 15 vehicles impounded. school is in session in oakland this morning after a gas leak forced the cancellation classes, the second location on
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campus in over a week and workers smelled gas while doing maintenance on a heat unit. officials are investigating what a student purposely opened a valve. last woke a contractor cut into a gas line at the campus causing the cancellation of classes on tuesday. the city council has voted to send google a letter hoping to hour the company's mysterious barge to their waters. however, the future home could be decided. next month, the barge has to move from the current spot near treasure island or face huge fines. several sources have said that it is likely to move to stock continue. google is expected to turn the barge into a show room bringing if jobs for whatever city it sets up shop. >> if you issue on the bay maybe a ferry ride, you will want an inside seat on you could get wet >> the 680 and 242, toward
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martinez, you can see 680 heads up to 80 and 780 to vallejo, you could be getting wet. along bodega avenue this cell going to head up to rohnert park and santa rosa so look for heavy rain there. in san francisco we have darker green and this is how it looks from the golden gate bridge glistening a little bit and drizzle and possibly light rain is falling from the north bay to san francisco. drizzle and light rain this morning and this is as light as it will get with most of us in the upper 40's to mid-50's. the heavier showers develop in the lunch and they could contain lightening and thunder. when you hear the thunder that means the storm is going to let go of heavy rain over a short period and we could have street flooding and parking lot
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flooding. make sure the storm drains are cheered before that rolls in. >> if you are travel along the freeway, make sure you stay in the center lanes because of the ponding that can occur on the extreme right and left. as we look at what is happening now if the bay area you can see we have an area of green over san francisco into south san francisco opening up with the scope we still at top speeds so you may not want to drive quite so fast. headed along the peninsula to the south, south of highway 92 along 101 through san mateo and belmont, you have top speeds with no accidents to report on 280 and you are in good shape. walnut creek at 680 southbound to dublin is 14 minutes and southbound 101 from santa rosa to san francisco is 15 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17, 25 minutes. we are see a few sprinkles falling and not affecting traffic, just a few extra
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taillights pushed to the south and to san francisco. >> thanks. "consumer reports" has the the top car picks and there is a bay area tech connection. >> the message of healthy eating could be finally getting through. >> we will be pay less at the pump this
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covering cupertino and wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. it is wednesday. it will be wet for the bay area. the first of the two rounds. this is a picture looking at san francisco from sutro tower camera. not yet wet but mike nicco will talk how the rain will spread from the north bay and who will get wet, when. >> another sign that childhood obesity could be declining nationwide. the centers for disease control says rates have dropped dramatically over the past decade for children ages two to five. the numbers have decreaseed from 2010, a drop of 43 percent. the centers for disease control believes more breast feeding and better nutrition and physical education programs at daycare centers are the reasons. the head of the age says the country to be turned the tide against the obesity epidemic
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the. >> general motors executives are apologize apologizing for a safety issue. and move over lebron james. >> the best selling jersey belongs to a player would has not scored yet this season. here is america's money. good morning, general motors is issuing a recall and an apology admitting they may have been too slow in recalling 1.6 million cars because of a safety issue. the faulty ignition switch is blamed if 13 deaths and 31 crashes. >> security reports top car is the tesla model s, the running on battery power. the other to picks are ram pickup, subaru forrester and honda accord is the number one mid-sized sedan. oat prices are at a high because of transportation delays so it could be higher coughs for you.
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>> the best selling jersey in pro basketball belongs to jason collins, nets number 98 the first openly gay player in the major united states sport. that is america's money. >> collins is a stanford graduate. >> bank of america has new probes into the housing and foreign exchange practices with the prosecution investigating whether they have complied with government rules on mortgage insurance. they are looking into the quality of the loans passed along to fannie mae and freddie mac and paid billions already to settle legal claims resulting in the housing and financial crisis. we will get a slight break at the pump starting july 1 when the tax on gasoline will drop 3.5 cents a gallon. the board of equalization voted to lower the tax for a year. the board is requiring to adjust the rate accord to a complex
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formula. >> hope the gas tank is filled this morning because you hate getting wet in the morning. >> it will be one of the days where the boss will cut you some slack. >> here is a look at what is going on: lake tahoe is clear with the rain leaving cloverdale and toward guerneville. that is why we are seeing heavier rain in your neighborhood. we are following the batch pulling away from concord headed to pittsburg and clayton and antioch which is next. headed to 680 you can see where it meets we have light-to-moderate radar stretching up to napa all headed to the eat. it should be out are your
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neighborhood in the next ten or 20 minutes. you can see green if the bay area but mostly drizzle and light rain. we have lightning offshore but they will come ashore with a second wave coming at us in three hours. maybe four hours. that is the beginning of the floodgates opening. the winds are around 13 miles per hour at sfo and ten at oakland and hayward and half moon bay and 14 in mountain view and 12 in san jose so we are seeing the winds pick up with the cold front. from the east bay hills, where our visibility is mostly dry, heavy rain, breezes this afternoon. heavy rain on friday. scattered showers thursday and saturday. the cold front is moving in and a secondary trough with moderate
5:20 am
risk of thunder and urban flooding so streets and parking lots and wind damage will be minimal with the fastest winds along the coast. here is the rain with heavier, merchandise prosecute to heavy rain by noon and it continues in waves throughout the afternoon into the evening our hazardous drying conditions and it will taper overnight with scattered right shows tomorrow and as we head into thursday afternoon it hooks like everything is going to be quiet. we will be 1 to 3" of rain not bay and 2 to 5" in the mountains. seven-day forecast shows dry by saturday afternoon into sunday, monday and tuesday. leyla gulen? >> we are starting off decent this morning. there is a sig-alert in tracy but other, action-free commute in the bay area.
5:21 am
this sig-alert is tracy at highway 132 a big rig carrying strawberries has overturned. there is a big mess to clean up. that will take time. the best bet ises i 5 headed to 205 and grab 580 and head over the altamont pass. we have sprinkles slowing the traffic down at 49 miles per hour and down to 32 miles per hour closer you are to vasco road. alongs i 80 we are at top speeds. you can prevent skidding if you slow down. 101 into novato there are sprinkles but moving along fine and accident free. we will start your day with the seven things to know next. >> a bay area security says people could be put at risk.
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nuts and multigrains. power up with the good energy of quaker real medleys. quaker up. ♪ she singeth as she flies [ inhales sharply ] [ bird sings ] caw-caw! [ female announcer ] cooling and soothing halls air. what are you breathing? seven things to know. >> live doppler 7 hd shows height rain and drizzle. look what is developing offshore. better radar and lightning with thunderstorms on the way. a timetable and how were we get out of this storm and friday's storms. >> how is the rain affecting the
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commute? the bay bridge toll plaza shows the rain flowing into the east bay but not too many accidents. a big sig-alert and i will tell you where and why all ahead. continuing, three, fire crews are cleaning up after a tree toppled on to a expense and parked cars. it could be a sign of what is ahead when the force of storm hits. >> sandbags are the focus if many people in different cities, in east palo alto a sandbag station want up and people are concerned about flood, from the creek with 50 percent of all homes sitting in a flood zone. >> today is the anniversary of the death of two santa cruz police officers killed by a suspect in the case they were investigating. two plaques are dedicated to the fallen officers, sergeant butch
5:26 am
baker and detective butler at the santa cruz police department. >> arizona governor has until saturday to sign or veto a bill to allow business owners to deny service to gay people based on their own religious beliefs. apple and yelp and others are among the companies opposed. john mccain and mitt romney are against the bill. >> school will be in session in oakland land after a gas leak forced the cancellation of classes. officials are investigating if a student purposefully opened the gavel the second leak in over a week. >> a computer security firm is claiming there is a phone in iphone software that can track what you type. milpitas based fire eye says an attacker can exploit a vulnerability that records the key strokes and sends it to a remote server. it is more of a potential
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security threat and does not believe this has been widely exploited. >> this could be a dream come true the first smart toothbrush with an alert to an app on your smartphone if you brush too hard and times how long you should brush and it include as stream of news articles to keep you entertained while brushing. this is provided by oral b. they say the departmentist can make sure you pay more attention to certain areas and tailor it to you. it is on sale for $220. we continue at 5:30 with the top stories. >> include the bay area communities now asked to double down on water conservation and water leaders have no choice. >> san francisco police are investigating a possible assault. this morning, uber driver is part of the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. bay area rain is here. we happy. >>ed bulk of the rain will hit in a few hours of the mike? we will open up live doppler 7 hd and show you that is going on looking to the east bay, first. alameda county, coming in from tracy light-to-moderate radar runs to discovery bay and antioch and brentwood. it keeps going up to fairfield and napa and the entire napa valley is seeing a tapering as boundsry moves to the east. we have more developing to the south. the lightning is developing on the left side of screen so heavier rain on the way with
5:31 am
thunderstorms that will move in around noon and it will continue in the afternoon. temperatures today are in the mid-50's to mid-60's from the coast to inland. so far, so good. however, we do have a big sig-alert in tracy if you travel 580 we have lanes blocked because of a big rig carrying strawberries that over turned. an extra lane is taken away when they try to upright that so a sig-alert is in effect. you are advised it takes i 5 to 205 to reconnect you to 580. mike has been telling us the rain is tapering off and moving to the east bay through santa rosa and the drive will dry out through santa rosa along 101 to petaluma. over the richmond and san rafael bridge still looking dry. you can see the rain is not a factor just a glistening on the
5:32 am
roads, at best. as the pay area braces for another round of weather, some communes could be paying closer attention to water levels in creeks. amy hollyfield is in mill valley where the sandbags are already out. amy? >> they behind my. psychiatry's taco has them ready to go. so does the 2 a.m. club. shear what happened on miller avenue: three weeks ago dug -- during the last storm, the club had to close early on saturday -- ouch. the business owners say it usually floods during heavy rain which is frustrating but they are trying to be prepared for the storm today. overall, today's rain is
5:33 am
celebrated. it is much needed rain and you have heard about the drought california has been experiencing. we are told this rain still will not get us where we need to be but it will certainly help. reporting from mill valley for abc7 news. people on the peninsula are getting ready for the pair of storms with sandbags available in several areas including this station in east palo alto. residents are concerned about flooding with 50 percent of all homes in a flood zone the creek last overmed the banks on christmas of 2012. officials will monitor the street for signs of a flash flood. >> we have another great way to keep an eye on the rain by following live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. despite the rain, california still faces a drought. this morning, two million people in the bay area are being asked to cut the water use by 20
5:34 am
percent. the water district approved the conservation effort, an increase from the 10 percent cut set last month. the district is the largest water provider in the south bay that serves 13 cities and water retailers. officials say the cut is necessary because the reservoirs are at only 33 percent capacity. the state ended water imports into the area. >> san francisco police are investigating a possible assault that was discovered after the victim was picked up by uber car service driver. it happened after midnight. miss say the driver of an uber car pick up two passengers in the downtown area and proceeded to the neighborhood near church. the driver realized a man was bleeding and called police. the passenger was taken to san francisco general hospital and reported to be in critical condition. today is the one year anniversary since two santa cruz police officers were killed in the line of duty. sergeant butch baker and
5:35 am
detective butler were gunned down by a sexual assault suspect. a memorial is held this morning at the police department. a memorial garden is dead indicated in their honor. last night, a community remembrance was head at santa cruz city hall. one of baker's daughter did not attend, she is threatening to sue how a memorial fund is divided. half a mall was donated to the families but until the matter is resolved the money cannot be accidented not -- be distributed even to the two young daughters of elizabeth butler. >> there is a language problem that cropped up during the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. there is support on a measure to make sure more interpreters are available if a major emergency.
5:36 am
passengers and families in the crash in july found language barriers and highlighted the need for more they fined 500,000 dollars for failing to contact the families in a timely manner. >> back to the drawing room to force severally mentally ill children into treatment. the law allows the court to order outpatient treatment for people with a history of severe mental illness. each county must decide whether to adopt it. the board was divided during the meeting and decided to delay the proposal for 90 delays and asked health officials to come up with a better set of recommendations. >> there is a new five year agreement to have google town the downtown consider door into
5:37 am
a free hotspot after replacing the wi-fi network that is no longer functioning because of technology changes with one that is smaller and more capable. it covers castro street. city council members accepted a $500,000 grant from google to install and maintain wi-fi net works at community center, library, teen center, senior center, and the park. >> be careful outside today mike is talking about thunderstorms. >> at noon and through the afternoon that is what will happen. we have light-to-moderate radar but right now only light rain. the storms are moving frommantback to lone tree way toward brentwood. and all the way to discovery bay and over to tracy, well,
5:38 am
actually, not quite to tracy but it is moving west. around fairfield, north texas at travis, headed east along 12. it will move up toward uc davis. the winds are strong. the thunderstorms are rolling in, in the afternoon, we ramp up to 30 to 45 miles per hour and five o'clock we will be that fast at 35 miles per hour and then a tapering overnight with the strong storms moving away. light rain and drizzle this morning and most of us are dry. by noon we will be wet with showers containing thunder and brief, heavy rain that will taper to moderate and light rain when the storm moves off. temperatures in the low 60's today. >> we have clear conditions despite the fact we had the rain brushing through the bay area so we have mostly dry conditions and as we move into san jose, a
5:39 am
look at a dry san jose at 66 miles per hour along 101 headed beyond the san jose airport and 280 is if go shape making the drive to cupertino and highway 85 with no delay as we move through and up to cupertino and sunnyvale you are in go shape. along the peninsula, to the north, 101 through redwood city 72 miles per hour. 66 miles per hour on 280 approaching highway 92. in san francisco we had the green that has dissipated so the rain is continuing to move out with dry conditions here. >> we are following new developments in the crisis of ukraine: the government is taking action against the riot police blamed for a deadly violence against the protesters. >> two of the biggest stars in hollywood testify before congress, the two issues that affleck and rogan will bring
5:40 am
attention to.
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covering daly city, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on wednesday. the bay area rain is here. it is probably going to affect the morning commute. in is a picture from sutro tower
5:43 am
and it is looking dry. mike nicco will talk about rain totals, wind and thunderstorms. >> ukraine's acting interior minister has disbanded a riot police force accused of attacks that last dozens dead and hundreds injured. protesters were pushing for leaders to abehind withed west rather than russia. both signs an agreement to end the three month conflict. president yanukovich fled the capital for his power base in eastern ukraine. >> and joaquin "el chapo" guzman will remain in the highest security prison in mexico and not extradicted to the united states any time soon. two federal judges ruled guzman must stand trial on drugs and organized crime. they want to interrogate guzman
5:44 am
and dismantle the drug cartel. experts warn mexico has failed to successfully prosecute high profile drug lords they have arrested. today, two well-known actors testify on capitol hill. affleck will be before the senate foreign affairs committee discussing how to solve violence in the democratic republic of congo, considered an expert on the nation. affleck founded the eastern congo initiative committed to restoring peace and prosperity in the we -- region. >> actor and screenwriter seth rogen will appear before a senate appropriations committee to testify about the impact of ailed -- alzheimer's disease in the world. it has raised hundreds of thousands for national
5:45 am
alzheimer's disease research. >> red carpet is ready for the oscars on hollywood boulevard last night a day early because of rain expected in los angeles today. a crew of 300 workers is building structures on hollywood boulevard. getting the job ready in time for oscars is harder this year. >> we are planning for weather. we are on top of the plan, landing for sunday. we will start the red carpet on time and end on time. whatever happens in the middle we will deal with. the days and nights are longer. we will be ready. >> businesses have clogged floats and closures from the preparations. some tourists are confused because they are not able to get in. >> oscar sunday is this sunday only on abc7 news for the first time you can watch the oscars on the smartphone or tablet with a
5:46 am
watch abc app and watch them back stage to see the moments that everyone will talk about. you can download the app at on friday, katie marzullo will be in los angeles covering the oscars. two suggestions for twitter followers in addition to katie marzullo, live doppler 7 hd and >> hello, let me get out of way to show you what going on. look at that: live doppler 7 hd showing wet weather. not much is reaching the ground outside of the heavy band
5:47 am
pulling out of the east bay and north bay to the central valley but more is preparing along the cold front to our south. that is going to continue to rotate up our way as we move on through. what we are dealing with is visibility is high. that is why we are not seeing much rain. you can see the wins are light. deeper into the forecast we have the possibility of heavy rain. breezy conditions this afternoon. the heavy rain and breezy conditions develop friday. we have scattered showers thursday through saturday but it will be lighter than what we have now. our satellite shows cold front moving in now and a secondary
5:48 am
storm behind it. another storm is coming in friday. we will talk about urban flooding risk. the storms will be brief. are will be heavy rain. we will have heavy rain, waves of it, bringing the possibility of heavy flooding and remain thousands. they were taper as they move to shower. the next wave is at 7:00 to 9:00 and the heavier rain is developing around 11:00 to noon and we will have waves of heavy rain at times making it hazardous in the afternoon and evening to be driving around with the ponding. as we head through thursday you can see the showers scattered in the morning. by noon they are starting to taper. as we look at your seven-day
5:49 am
forecast we are going to have 1" to 3" around the bay. we will have 2" to 5" by saturday only in the mountains. saturday afternoon into sunday it will be dry with temperatures close to average. monaldi, tuesday, locking dry. another slight chance on tuesday but the storm and storm one are the big ones to worry about. the commute is affected most by the rain. first storm is friday morning's commute most affected by storm two. >> in other words we are getting our feet wet. as we hurricane behind me you can see pretty dry in san francisco with the sprinkles coming and going. it brushed over highway 4 and long 580 over the altamont pass. we have a sig-alert before you get to the pass westbound 580
5:50 am
involving a big rig carrying strawberries that overturned. i went to show you drive time traffic westbound 580 from tracy to dublin at 41 minutes along highway 4 so be careful from antioch to concord at 21 minutes 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco under 20 minutes. this is at the bay bridge toll plaza with cash paying lanes loading up and from emeryville camera to the bay bridge and treasure island, things are going slower there as you make the apporach to treasure island to san francisco but the good news is there are no accidents. >> a teen is suspended for bringing lunch to school and what he says was mistakenly packed and what he did with it got him in hot water. >> hugs for hire, the new business opening that is welcoming everyone with open arms.
5:51 am
if you thought you left your s.a.t. scores behind in while, think again, a test most people take to get into college is now coming into play for job one of t is that millions of peopleia will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll now at
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more and more plastic surgeons say men are willing to folk over big bucks to beef up their beards with the operation including bear spots to complete reconstruction at up to $7,000. one doctor has gone from doing a few procedure as year a decade
5:54 am
ago to several per week now in brooklyn. >> mike nicco is waiting for the sprinkles rain to arrive. >> we had one sprinkle move through. i can see to emeryville and oakland so with that in mind it is probably not raining anywhere around here, maybe a drop or two and that is it. today, around the state you can see the wall of water from los angeles to eureka with temperatures in the 60, chico, sacramento, and after record high of 58, lake tahoe is 51 with rain, and rain is of intoing if later in los angeles and san diego. sierra, 6,000' to 7,000' up to 12" of snow is possible. leyla gulen?
5:55 am
we have a sig-alert in tracy. westbound 580 at highway 132 the lanes are blocked. c.h.p. is not here to upright the truck carrying strawberries. i would skip to area and use an alternate to 280. in is walnut creek at pleasant hill with a few extra cars but tribe. justin bieber lawyers have six more hours to prevent the release of embarrassing video of the arrest releasing ten hows of video showing spire time justin bieber was in custody after the arrest in miami beach on d.u.i. and resisting arrest charges. some video has come out and a judge has given the attorneys until 11:00 this morning our time to file any objections to
5:56 am
the release of the rest of the video minus some clips of him urinating for a drug test. >> a texas high school student is fighting suspension after he says he accidentally brought a can of better to school in lunch. he said he mistakenly grabbed the beer rather than a soda great the fridge as he hurried. when he realized the mistake he gave the unopened beer to the teacher would reported it to the principal. he was suspended if ledays and sent to an alternate school for two months. >> i gave the teacher the beer so i would not get in trouble. >> you cannot punish a kid for doing the right thing the sail money enment a kid that you catch doing the wrong thing. >> the district says the principal followed appropriate protocol. the mother is appealing.
5:57 am
>> with pope benedict pressured to reline and responding to a controversy. >> a california team plunges 300' down the side of a clue and a picnic table is responsible for the fall. >> which of the leading ladies takes home oscar gold? >> we have one actress standing out from the rest.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> much needed rain is falling across the bay area. mike nicco will tell us what to expect with live doppler 7 hd. remembering two fallen police officers shot and killed a year ago.
6:00 am
santa cruz is coming together this morning to on them. arizona governor brewer responds on twitter facing national pressure to veto a controversial anti-gay measure. it is 6:00. >> our top story is the rain and how we just had a taste of it. the main course is on the way. mike? >> some of it is offshore. we are tracking it with live doppler 7 hd and the sprinkles are falling. it could be time to get the umbrella out. live doppler 7 hd shows the light-to-moderate radar returns around brentwood and discovery bay but most of the bay is cleared out. we will focus on what is coming our way from the southwest with lightning and thunderstorms is where they will develop over the ocean and push our way and weaken. we could get


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